Funding your care

If you, or a relative or friend, need help to remain living at home, you may be entitled to financial support, either from the local Council or Benefits agency. Unlike care in hospital, care at home is not free, but, if there is only a little money available, the Council may be able to pay for a service. You will need to contact the Council’s Social Services department and arrange for a social worker to visit and carry out a needs assessment. After this, the Council will arrange for a homecare provider, perhaps Sevacare, to deliver the service.

Have a look at our Looking For Care page to see if we run services in your area and then contact the local manager for more help.

Direct Payments

If you or a family member receives care and support through the Council, you will be entitled to a direct payment if you wish, whereby an amount of money is paid by the Council to the person for the person to spend on their care and support. Ask your Local Authority Social Services department for more information on obtaining a Direct Payment. If more support than the Council can pay for is needed, or if there is no entitlement to financial support, then this will have to be paid for privately.

If you would like more information on Direct Payments, please do not hesitate to contact the local branch, by visiting the Looking For Care page, and speaking to a member of the team.

Private Funding

If you or a family member is paying for your own care and support, it is important you select a care provider that can address your wants, needs and choices, to ensure the support received is person-centred and focused on the chosen desired outcomes.
Sevacare provides a personalised, outcome focused, value for money service, which puts you or a family member, at the centre of the individualised care and support plan.

If you would like to know more about the services we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact the local branch, by visiting the Looking For Care page, and speaking to a member of the team.